Hi, I'm Bert.

I'm an IT architect.


My profile picture.

The hard skills to see the solutions. The soft skills to make it happen. The aptitude to be the missing link.

Academically trained, TOGAF9/Archimate certified integration/solution/enterprise architect with a history in software design, SOA, infra, middleware and messaging. Thorough and wide background in architectures, design, infrastructures, systems and methods. Excellent listener; excellent communication and presentation skills, able to tune into to all kinds of audiences.

Creative, inventive, tactful, politically sensitive. Patient but not passive. Great drive to reach the destination, but sensible and pragmatic about the road to take towards it. No einzelga╠łnger: architecture is a team sport.

Performs best in roles where common ground needs to be found in complex situations with diverging and conflicting interests and assumptions.